Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Fishbowl on: What is KS? by Simone Staiger-Rivas

Fishbowl on what is ks at the share fair
I participated in a Samoan circle, which is an adaptation of the Fishbowl technique right after the Key note speech. We had a lively discussion on KS, what it is, and its opportunities and challenges. Here are some of the statements that we heard:
  • KS is very natural for the young You Tube generation
  • How do we handle a successful integration of this generation into our organizations so we learn from them and integrate their K of KS tools?
  • KS is all about problem solving
  • KS is not new. We have always been doing it
  • There will be no KS until our management changes
  • K works through networks. Top down doesn’t work
  • Individuals must become more important in our organizations
  • Leadership is important but it is really the individuals who make the difference
  • We have to integrate what people already share through their channels, not create new KS products
  • Facebook versus internal directory: we need multiple sources to reach everybody
  • All this KS tools exist but I can’t even find likeminded people in my organization
  • We always end up talking about tools
  • Develop KS strategies as part of organizational change processes
  • Rudimentary tools like the internal phone directory are still needed
  • Tools need a purpose
  • It is politically direct to talk against tools but successful tool developers capture the demand and those tools become mainstreamed
  • Tour de table on things we want to try out in our organizations: Speed Dating, learn more about the tools, convince management about usefulness, that it is a two way practice.
  • Review of the Samoan circle as a KS method: The sound problems obliged us to come close together, and that constraint worked in favor of our interactions.
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