Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What have the participants been telling us?

We have been receiving feedback from participants of the fair and here are just few snippets of what they have told us!

Congratulations to you and your whole team for a very well conducted Share Fair! I found it innovative in many aspects, and my colleagues who spent more time than me in the fair have given positive comments. -- Jan Heino, Assistant Director General, FAO Forestry Department
Great job. I really enjoyed what I could from the Fair. I felt the atrium was more alive than I have ever seen it before. -- Jim Hancock, FAO Technical Cooperation Department
The Share Fair was a unique opportunity for networking, connecting and learning between the three Rome-based agencies. The Atrium was an ideal place to do it and the organization and design of the space was excellent. I hope that the event encouraged organizers to repeat it every year. -- Judita Jankovic, FAO Consultant

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to all of you for the highly commendable efforts you each displayed in the preparation for, and in the course of the Knowledge Share Fair, last week. The Fair has received very positive and favourable reviews from all sectors of the Organization, and I am sure that we are all very proud to have been associated with its success. -- Lorraine B. Williams, Assistant Director General, FAO Knowledge and Communication Department
As a facilitator I was really impressed by the energy in the sessions. It speaks well to the organizing group and the participants. In particular, I thought that the video sharing was effective. Each video one showed different perspectives - the need for water management policy and development, a women's entrepreneur training project, and a rural community development presentation. The participants had questions ranging from how to make the videos, to their purpose, and to their impact and use. It was an informative way to share! -- John Preissing, Senior Officer for Extension Systems, FAO Natural Resources Management and Environment Department

Congratulations! What an enriching experience & it brought much closer the UN agencies in Rome. We have gone from formal interactions among colleagues to collaborative & friendly communications & knowledge sharing. If it was up to me, I would have attended the 112 sessions! Thanks! -- Miriam Blanco,
Project Coordination and Communications Consultant, IFAD Finance & Administration Department

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  1. Now, that I already read – and “digest” - most of the related information and documentation (including multimedia items) I could say that it was really a very good fair.

    If possible, try to do it in an annual basis. I am sure it will be of great benefice to all Member States, UN Organizations and Agencies, NGOs, GOs, parties, collaborators and partners.

    Very well done ! Please, keep doing.