Thursday, January 22, 2009

Session Report: KM strategies and activities for rural development by Nadia Manning-Thomas

Session: KM strategies and activities for rural development
Facilitator: Marco Piazza
Reporter: Nadia Manning-Thomas
Time: 22 January, 13:45 - 15:00

The session began with a short verbal presentation of two projects on the topics of:
  1. Embedding KM tools such as documenting learning and systematisation in rural development projects—IFAD
  2. Sharing knowledge to do things better: embedding KM strategy in rural development projects–IFAD-PAMA
Some highlights from the presentations included:
  • workshop was a key instrument used through the project–particularly thematic workshops
  • capturing interesting stories from the field and publishing them using the website and also local media
  • study tours and exchanges between one community and another
  • project website (but more for purpose of collating the materials from the project rather than for daily work)
  • video on the program and its experiences–targeted at bringing visibility to the program and the issue of market linkages to top of national agenda
  • invited politicians to be involved in a number of visible events–to capture their attention
  • policy workshops, working groups
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