Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Session Report: Online Library Tools for Knowledge Sharing by Mami Wada

Session: Online Library Tools for Knowledge Sharing
Facilitator: Mami Wada
Date and time: 21 January, 10:45-12:00
Room: Canada Room

Attendance: About 20 participants.

  • Self introduction by speed multiple dating method
  • Three 10 minutes presentations
  • 5 minutes discussion between presentations
Key comments/repeated values on online library tools for knowledge sharing:
  • Traditional (paper) vs. Progressive/Digital (virtual) library and their pros and cons
  • Challenges created by multiple languages
  • Adjustment according to user needs
  • Training programme for traditional and virtual libraries
  • Partnership with NGOs/Associations
  • Process by learning, learning by doing
  • Importance of sharing existing documentations/information
  • Policy advisers' input to determine information source
  • Standardization and corporate ID
  • Innovation
  • Human and other resources
  • Communication
  • Importance of using both Traditional and Virtual libraries. Pros and cons exist for each type of libraries (ex. some users prefer to have paper based information especially in developing countries and others prefer to save paper by printing out only what they are interested in, after referring to Virtual Libraries.)
  • Outreach end user's needs
The session was based on sharing experience. It seems that participants are learning by doing and adjusting. They exchanged their experience and learned from each other. The session was mainly perceived as useful and helpful. If I could facilitate the session again, I will leave more time for discussion at the end. Time was too short to expand discussion.

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