Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Session Report: Partnership-based Information Sharing Models

Session: Partnership-based Information Sharing Models
Facilitator: Christiane Monsieur
Date and time: 21 January, 13:45 - 15:00
Room: Pakistan Room

About 20 participants; three initiatives were presented by five presenters.

Process: smooth, but time too short for enough discussion, lead questions identified could not be sufficiently dealt with.
  • introduction by facilitator on process and objective of the session.
  • five 10 minutes presentations (three initiatives by five presenters).
  • brief summary by the facilitator on the issue of partnership that was tackled in all presentations.
  • questions and answers.
Elements related to partnership
  • factor of success
  • need of political vision
  • need of good understanding of the project benefits
  • empowerment of partners
  • champions
  • partners at different levels (governmental, private, field, intermediaries, academic, etc.)
  • interactivity between partners, at global, regional, national levels.
  • communication: importance of human and technology component.
  • context (language, translation, existing systems)
  • flexibility
  • Success factors (at different levels according to each initiative)
  • funding (through pilot projets under Technical Cooperation Projects)
  • available human resources
  • attracting donors
  • engagement by partners
  • exchange visits
  • targeting intermediaries
  • communication for development aspects
  • critical mass to be formed
  • time (impact takes time).
Others issues discussed: quality control of data, feed-back from end-users, bridging with other initiatives.

General recommendations regarding the process
  • avoid a too ambitious programme (in terms of number of presenters and lead questions to discuss).
  • time management is a key issue.

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