Thursday, October 21, 2010

An adhoc market survey for Ethiopian honey

With over 300 people from many different nationalities gathering at the AgKnowledge Share Fair, we took the opportunity to do a quick "taste" market survey for different types of Ethiopian honey.

This would allow producers to see if their honey was marketed at the right value, and if there would be an export market for it.

125 people (35% female - 65% male) tasted the four different types of honey:
  • ATSBI Woreda (priced at 120 birr/kg)
  • BURE Woreda (at 40 birr/kg)
  • FOGERA Woreda (40 birr/kg)
  • GOMA Woreda (40 birr/kg)

The "tasters" preferred:
  • GOMA: 29%
  • ATSBI: 27%
  • BURE: 27%
  • FOGERA: 17%

Preferences were further refined breaking down by gender and nationality, :
Male tasters prefer Atsbi honey as the best followed by Goma, while female tasters prefer Bure honey followed by Goma.

Most Ethiopian tasters preferred Atsbi while most African nationals went for Bure. Foreigners had a sweet tooth for both Goma and Bure.

Picture courtesy Francesco Ciriaci


  1. Great! did you collect the survey results using social media tools?


  2. Hi Vanessa:

    ;-) no, we did not. It was much faster and more practical to collect the data on the spot, while the people were tasting the different types of honey.