Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are you using your phone at the Share Fair?

Day One at the Share Fair Addis, and its just exciting to see all the various ways that we are using to learn and share knowledge across Africa. I just filmed two colleagues sharing and learning their just acquired skills on using Twitter to share information.

Use of mobile technology will be a major and interesting Focused Group Discussion to follow here at the Share Fair. Focusing on how rural communities can make use of mobile technology to enhance their agricultural and rural development initiatives, it will also showcase some best practices of mobile technology use in rural Uganda and Tanzania.
Government ministries are rarely using social networks to communicate; But i believe, that after this session, Philomena Chege, from Njaa Marufuku Programme at the Ministry of Agriculture, will be able to tweet from her Nokia C3 phone about her experiences here in Addis. She has been very keen on learning how to make videos work in her programme but now she is even more enthused to learn that she can share her information from her phone! With the help of Solomon Mwangi, a Communications Officer at ICRAF, she now has created a twitter account and we expect to see her live tweets contributing to the ShareFair Social media visibility.

These are just some of the side events happening at the #sfaddis

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