Thursday, October 21, 2010

Livestock Pathways: Mending the Broken Link

Post by Beatrice Ouma

What kind of information would you gather if you gave a video recorder to a group of Ethiopian women and left them to film their daily lives? Turns out a lot! Bridging the gap between researchers, organizations and farmer organization was the theme for the livestock pathways discussions on Day 2.

Experts from different countries from Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Italy and India presented very innovative tools they are using to create, manage and share knowledge. The session was building on to the previous day discussions that mapped the information sharing landscape in livestock systems.

Participants then formed small groups around the topics they were interested in. One of them was the use of mobile phones to collect data and share information on farm level and market diagnostics as was demonstrated by projects from Kenya and Malawi. Other projects included participatory knowledge sharing through videos and photos, a web-based electronic source of information on selected indigenous farm animal genetic resources (breeds/ecotypes of cattle, sheep, goats, chicken and pigs) in the developing countries. IFAD has a web portal that connects different levels of information creators and users, such portals will lead to better designed projects, better implementation and better impacts.

The livestock sector is witnessing the power technology has! A lot of information is being collected through web based databases, mobile phones, videos and photos. Our job therefore is to make this information accessible, simple and useful to the communities we are working with.
A four finger score! That’s what the participant gave the session, out of a possible five finger score.

Read more about the livestock pathway discussions:

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