Sunday, October 17, 2010

Social media coverage for Agknowledge Africa, Day 0

The social media team reporting from the Agknowledge Africa, the Addis Share Fair, are gearing up to spread the updates from the event through blogposts, pictures, video, audio, etc..

Throughout the event, the "sfaddis" tag will be used on different output media, but we will also tag the different learning pathways and sessions.

For the Monday, Day 0 (or as Nadia knows it "Day 0h, now I know!"), the Learning and Training day, the following tags will be used in addition to "sfaddis":
  • Video/Film session: #video
  • Audio/Radio session: #audio
  • Making the most of the media: #media
  • Face to Face Knowledge Sharing methods: #F2F
  • Mendeley: #mendeley (that was an easy one!)
  • Google Geo Products: #geo
  • Blogging: #blog
  • Collaborative writing: #cwrite
  • Google Communicate, Collaborate and Save: #gtools

For the next days, the different pathways will also have a special tag:
  • Climate change: #climate
  • Land: #land
  • Water: #water
  • Live stock: #livestock
During the days, the social media team will be live tweeting from the different sessions, using the above tags, making it easier for people to follow particular subjects.

Apart from blogposts covering the different sessions, we will also publish a wrapup post once a day, which will cover all content we generated during the day.

Picture courtesy Roxy Samii

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