Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Community radio an extension to telecentre. What is the next frontier? (154)

Post and photos by Massimiliano Terzini

The session “Community radio an extension to telecentre. What is the next frontier?” has been a great example of how information and communication technologies foster socio-economic development for indigenous people. But this was not the only thing that came out from the session. It was more about the story of a dream. The dream to build the first community radio in Malaysia.

John Tarawe, the man with the dream, provided the participants with a passionate and inspiring speech on how he achieved his life’s goal. He showed how even someone without education and without a background on information technology, as John Tarawe said he is, can make an effective contribution to improve the standard of living of an indigenous community.

Community radio an extension to telecentre. What is the next frontier? (154)

The station will be managed and operated by the Bario community residents themselves; broadcasting much of its material in the local Kelabit language. The radio represents a real need for the community and from this coming October it will function as the only tool in alerting on sensitive issues; but more important, it will help enrich and preserve the indigenous dying language, traditions and culture.

The radio will provide isolated communities, left behind by national development, with the chance to speak up and be more visible in the mainstream media.

These are the main expected results of the installation of the community radio in Bario:
  • A more cohesive community; airing and discussion of social problems.
  • A better connected population; rapid and widespread communication of important messages.
  • More social inclusion by reaching everyone in their homes.
  • A more democratic organization.
  • More culturally robust people.
John Tarawe invited all the participants to the Third eBario Knowledge Fair, 16-18 November 2011.Learn more on http://www.ebario.org/third-ebario-knowledge-fair.html.

My tweets from the session:
Don't believe those who tell you that your dream cannot become true! J
Tarawe session 154

Everything is possible when you have strategy and timing! Making a dream
come true is possible! John Tarawe session 154

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