Monday, November 7, 2011

The EndingHunger movement (29)

Post by Annika Vaughan (FAO) 

The creative director, Scott Grove, of an award winning public outreach campaign shared his experience in successfully fostering creativity in a multicultural team. Explaining how the project developed from a petition drive to launching a global web portal, Scott talked about the challenges of pushing the boundaries of a conservative knowledge-based organization.

The Ending Hunger movement (29) 

In spite of the obstacles, EndingHunger has managed to send out clear and energetic messages and attract a following that continues to grow. What are the keys to its success? About team management, Scott said, "Don't micromanage the team!" "Don't plan everything but leave room for spontaneous developments!" and "Give freedom to the team and let them come up with creative ideas”. On creating a powerful cause-related campaign, Scott stressed the importance of “Keeping the message simple,” and “Establish and stick with a strong visual identity”.
The Ending Hunger movement (29) 

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