Sunday, January 18, 2009

CGIAR presence at the Share Fair- an impressive diversity by Nadia Manning-Thomas

At a pre-meeting of CGIAR participants for the Share Fair starting tomorrow, it was exciting to learn about the diversity of the CGIAR presence at the Fair.

The participants are representing a number of Centres and Programs including WARDA, ICRAF, WorldFish, IRRI, Bioversity, ICT-KM, CIMMYT, ICARDA, CIAT, IWMI…

The participants are diverse in where they come from too both by birth and location including Syria, Mexico, Malaysia, Colombia, Rome, Philippines, Benin and more.

The group includes KM specialists, people working on GIS, communciations personell, a web designer, someone working on learning and innovation systems, soemone working on indigenous communities and climate change and more…

The CGIAR participants are also presenting a wide range of interesting and exciting activities, projects and approaches based on knowledge sharing of various types–which we will try to share with you over the course of the Share Fair…so stay tuned.

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