Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reporting from the ShareFair.... a way to include the non-Rome based...

A flurry of activities! It is saturday evening, the end of a warm and sunny in Rome, 2 days to the opening of the ShareFair...e-mails travel fast and furious, the organizers are exchanging drafts, working on last minute logistical issues..."is the programme on-line yet?""Are the signs ready?" "Have the T-shirts arrived?"  ...nothing left to the chance...and in the middle of all of this we could not forget you, you who wanted to participate but for one reason or another could not! Many Rome-based colleagues will hopefully take the opportunity on 20, 21 and 22 January to visit the booths, participate in some of the over 100 sessions, attend the trainings...lots for everybody...but how about those who do not work in Rome? Or are not in Rome now?  Our organizations are highly decentralised, so many many colleagues work in other countries. How can we ensure they could follow and participate? Well, this is when technology lends us a helping hand! Blogging, Twittering, video streaming, podcasting...we will do it all, we will send reports, session summaries, interviews with presenters, photos, videos, blips, sessions take place to report what is happening in the ShareFair. Look at it as our attempt to democratize the Fair, to make sure you stay connected. To do this we have a number of volunteers who will be  your “reporters from the front line”.

So stay tuned and stay connected! 

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  1. It is funny in a way... As I am sitting here, going through my presentation for tomorrow... I start to realize what a big event this really is.

    And how important the topic of sharing is....

    Wishing you all the best of luck tomorrow!