Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patterns from Session Feedback

As part of the facilitation team, I was asked to gather some form of feedback after each session. As I did not want to take too much time away from the session itself, I was fishing for a useful and generative feedback mechanism. Here is what I came up with today. At the start of the session I asked why people picked the session (as they had a LOT of choice) and what they expected to get out of it. This works well for smaller sessions. I capture these ideas on a flip chart page. At the end of the session, we do a "reality" check and give a +, - or +/- for each of the "wish" items. Then I asked what they wanted to learn or do next.

The reason this is feeling useful is because the breadth of the Fair give people a tiny tastes of many Knowledge Sharing flavors. It introduces possibility, but it is much harder to go deeper or develop skills in many of the new methods and tools. This gives us some good suggestions about "what next" after the Fair, both for individuals, organizations and the group of sponsoring organizations as a whole.

So as we go into day three, what do YOU want to do next? What would you like to see happen to deepen and further your KS competency going forward?

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