Thursday, January 22, 2009

Session Report: Development of Land Policy and Land Reform Frameworks by Mami Wada

Session: Development of Land Policy and Land Reform Frameworks
Facilitator: Mami Wada
Date and time: 22 January, 10:45-12:00 (extended until the next session started)- India Room

Attendance: 35-40 people, the mix of different organizations such as FAO, WFP, IFAD, NGOs, and CGIARs.


Went very well. Time was too short to accommodate 4 presenters and discussion. Session participants agree to continue discussion and they continued until the next session started ( I have left around 12:20)
  • Four 10 minutes presentations. Messages were communicated based on a common ground of 3 interactive levels (basic, second and third) of knowledge sharing)
  • Discussion on the presentation
  • Focus on important factors for development of land policy and issues.
  • Conclusion
Result of discussion and recommendations:
  • Knowledge sharing is important for all three levels. Especially importance of inter personal/face to face communication was brought up by many participants.
  • Multi stakeholder involvement
  • Good communication/dialogues
  • Lack of sustainability for knowledge sharing/networking was presented as an issue.
  • Importance of knowledge generation by civil/farmer's organization
  • Government and inter-government involvements
  • Land issues to be as a global agenda
  • Active participation by men and woman, gender segregated data
  • Bio energy and land policy
  • Result of balance of interests
  • Knowledge sharing for policy formulation
  • Who needs information? Land tenure information based on demands
  • PBES (IFAD presented a system to rate countries' performance)
  • Knowledge sharing for implementation
  • Knowledge change initiatives
  • Capacity capacity building
  • Promoting knowledge sharing
  • Interacting among actors.
We have concluded that networking and dialogue are crucial for development of land policy and issues. Then, participants voluntarily remained in a conference room to continue discussion.

A room could be bigger to accommodate all participants. It was impossible to change a layout. In order to accommodate 4 presenters and discussion (real knowledge sharing!), I recommend the the time for session be considered for at least 90 minutes.

Participants' names and E-mail address will be disseminated for further discussion and knowledge sharing.

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  1. I have enjoyed the session on "Development of Land Policy and Land Reform Frameworks" very much. The fact that we had a short amount of time to talk about a very complex issue helped the discussion to be dynamic and interactive until the end and even afterwards. We felt connected and willing to share our knowledge and best practices in an open way.