Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Net-Map: an introduction (177)

Post and Video by Paolo Brunello

Those who could not make it to the workshop on Monday had a chance to learn about Net-Map on Tuesday, during this session.

The AgTalk continued by explaining the different steps of net-mapping with some concrete examples from the field and then went on describing the equipment needed to net-map. But when you have a net-map in your hands, what do you do with it? How do you go about to analyse it? We looked at a few concrete examples and how to use the Visualyzer 2.0 software to input the net-map from paper into a computer so that it can be analysed one layer of link at a time.

Net-map visualyzed map (177)
After the talk was over people asked precise questions about the method and how to apply it to their specific context, wondering how one can go from the map as a snapshot of the reality as it is perceived by net-mappers to a coherent action to take advantage of the insights the maps has brought about. This goes beyond what the method can do though, as the will to act upon those insights and change inevitably stays with the people, not with a technique, no matter how great this can be.

Net-map (177)

The session will be repeated on wednesday during the open space hour (17:00) in C100. More info about net-map is available at

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