Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TheWaterChannel on the ground (121)

Post by Lenneke Knoop 

On Monday, several of you were asked the following question: "what does a water buffer mean to you?" These videos were shown in Tuesdays’ session of TheWaterChannel: “TheWaterChannel on the Ground”. As it was a no-PowerPoint zone, you can get a feeling of what happened in the session by watching the Prezi, which is an alternative way of presenting. There was an interesting discussion on the importance of getting the knowledge to the right persons. Mr Nii Quaye-Kumah from the embassy of Ghana explained that materials as the DVD box Water Management in Motion should be distributed to the practitioners at the 170 districts in Ghana.

In the second part of the session a new publication was launched: Transforming Landscapes Transforming Lives, the business of sustainable water buffer management in which QR codes link to videos on TheWaterChannel. For more info and personal explanation on this book and TheWaterChannel, please visit the table outside the IFAD building close to the chill out corner!

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